First impression is forever.

We like to eat what we see, not what we read.
Therefore, menus at restaurants, especially at foreign restaurants are pretty much useless. Here's a sample of a TV menu for a Vietnamese restaurant. The lotus salad looks so much more enticing in picture than it does in text on a piece of paper

List of Services

  • Photography for any occasions.
  • Videography for any occasions.
  • Set up menus to be displayed on flat screen TV for restaurants, nail salons, auto shops, etc...
  • Set up auto loop videos of relaxing aquariums, fireplaces, etc...Perfect for reception rooms.
  • Install, configure, troubleshoot and repair computers.
  • Recover lost data.
  • Remove viruses and malwares.
  • Credit cards processing for shops, restaurants, auto shops, nail salons, gift shops, etc...
  • Credit cards processing for mail order services, perfect for home businesses!
  • Install security cameras.
  • Install alarm system.
  • Upgrade existing alarm systems for online remote control.
  • Build a brand new website.
  • Redesign existing website.
  • Build an online presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Yelp.